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The Kids In NeeD (KIND) Fund



The goal of The KIND Fund is to provide clothes and essentials for Kids In NeeD, in grades K-12, by empowering educators with a funded resource they can use. Donations can be made here:

The KIND Fund will work with local stores to purchase large quantities of gift cards of $150 each for a kid that is in need.



The KIND fund is a resource for our trusted educators to allow them to help students K-12 who are in need..

As an educator, when you see a child in need, you can request through the KIND fund to purchase up to $150 worth of clothing for the child.  Some students need a few pairs of shoes rather than needing items that would add up to that total.

When a child is applied for, the application will be sent to a partnering organization and volunteer. The Volunteer will then take the application, retrieve the gift card and shop for the Kid In NeeD. The volunteer will then deliver the items to you to give to the child.



The KIND Fund is ramping up and now has over 625 requests for kids who need help! The response we’ve received has been overwhelming and we are thrilled to help so many kids and educators.

With plans to serve hundreds of more kids, we REALLY need your help! If you would like the opportunity to be a KIND Fund shopper, you can sign up through this link: KIND Fund Volunteer Link. We ask that volunteers shop and deliver the clothes within 1 week of receiving a request.